The Pastor's Pen Story

It began in mid 2014, when Lincoln felt the need to provide the congregation of FBC with a more serious, and more Bible based devotional via email. But it wasn’t until August 2015 that he started emailing the church a weekly Bible based thought of about 150-200 words on a range of uncommon themes. He also posted a notice in the reception area of Forlong’s Automotive asking if clients would like to receive a Bible devotion each week. To his surprize, dozens of people signed up, including many non-Christians. Meantime, Lincoln received requests from strangers around New Zealand and then overseas asking to receive his weekly devotions. Over those first 6 months the length of the devotion settled at about 600 words. Also, a fellow elder at FBC suggested calling the devotion “The Pastor’s Pen.” Then one of the FBC men began producing voice-overs of the Pastor’s Pen and uploading them to YouTube. Now, the weekly Pastor’s Pen circulates via email, Facebook, and YouTube to many of the worlds countries. The old Bible picture is actually Lincoln’s grandfather’s Bible. As you can see, Douglas Forlong spent much time in His Bible, leaving Lincoln a strong legacy.

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