Focus Bible Church Elders

God’s Planned FutureA fast moving tour of biblical eschatology.

This will be a 7 week series presented in blocks of summary teachings showing God’s desire for His people to read and understand the clarity and certainty of His story through human history.

Above all, we shall learn that God has removed much of the mystery concerning what lies ahead for us. We will see that God has provided an enormous amount of information in the Bible for Christians to rest secure in what many people say is an uncertain and confusing future.

30/10/2022   How to study biblical end times with clarity and consistency
(Study tools to prevent reading man’s thinking into God’s eschatology)

6/11/2022   Introducing Eternal God and His biblical timeline
(Who God is and the certainty of Him fulfilling His promises)

13/11/2022   Daniel’s and Jesus’ end time prophecies
(Considering some of the most detailed end time prophecies)

20/11/2022   The snatching up, the tribulation, and antichrist – Seal judgements 1-5
(Learning the ease and blessing of the book of Revelation)

27/11/2022   Seal judgement 6, Trumpet judgements 1-7, Bowl judgements 1-7
(Watching God’s grace throughout God’s wrath)

4/12/2022   Armageddon and Christ’s earthly Kingdom
(The certainty of Jesus’ coming 1000 year earthly Kingdom)

11/12/2022   Final Judgement to eternal heaven
(Satan’s final doom, the new heavens and earth, and eternal heaven)

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