A Christ Centred, Bible Focused Church

A Little About Who We Are

The founding group of Focus Bible Church (Formerly known as Bay Bible Fellowship) held their first Sunday morning worship service in June 2009. The distinctive characteristic has always been, and remains, straight forward expositional teaching of God’s written word. Teaching which impacts lives, allowing God’s Spirit to convict and grow Christlikeness. In short, Focus Bible Church exists to express the praise of God’s glory and for His pleasure (Eph 1:3-14). We enjoy our Christian heritage and the rock solid foundation on which we stand (Mt 16:18; 1Co 3:11; Eph 2:20).

Since the beginning of this ministry, the core values have continued undampened. We don’t simply want to identify ourselves as churched people, church attenders, or social Christians. We are not simply trying to influence society by getting unchurched people into church attendance. No, we want to be people who grow to know God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Heb 1:2-3; 1Pe 2:2; 2Pe 3:18). We want to be actively proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, making followers of Him, baptising and teaching them to obey Him (Mt. 28:19-20). Therefore, FBC is a growing multicultural  church family without pretence or demanding personal expectations. 

By God’s grace we are increasingly:
*  A Church family where time and space to heal from the pains of life are provided.
*  A Church home where relationships grow without demands to conform to any particular religious, organisational, or personal expectations. 
*  Where selfless love enhances unity and loyalty through applying biblical truths.
*  Where questions are welcome and answers are provided.
*  A body of diverse Christians, content to be who God has made us in Christ, while growing toward maturity.
*  A community of gospel focused people who desire to speak well of the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 10:13-15).

FBC values intentional unity. When matters of different understandings arise, it’s realised that time is given to work together through whatever issues exist with the goal of agreement in biblical truth and application (Php 1:27; 2:3; 1Pe 3:8). While this may sound too good to be true; we understand it takes time, selfless love, humility, and patience under the influence of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit (2Co 3:17-18). To this we are committed.

If you live in the Tauranga area, you are welcome to visit us at Welcome Bay School Hall, 309 Welcome Bay Road, or check us out on our YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/focusbiblechurch/.

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