Marriage by God's Design

It takes two soft hearts to make marriage enjoyable!

Marriage by God’s Design is an 8 part Focus Bible Church discipleship course written by Lincoln and Jo Forlong.  Below is a sample of the Introduction. If you are interested in being part of this marriage discipleship course, please use the “Contact Us” page of this web site to register your interest. 

Introduction to Marriage by God’s Design
Welcome to ‘Marriage by God’s Design,’ which is a Bible focused marriage course. The following material can equally be used for those planning on first time marriage, those getting remarried, or those presently married who wish to enrich what they already have. 

It needs to be noted up front that this course has been designed with a continuity of thought that flows from lesson to lesson. Each lesson concludes with a ‘homework’ assignment in preparation for the next lesson. It’s important that the participants accept the significance of fulfilling the ‘homework’ exercises. Failure to complete the homework robs both parties of the potential benefits to be gained from this course.

In this introduction, we start by introducing a few biblical concepts regarding marriage. As the lessons progress, these concepts will be expanded with biblical truths and principles to give a fuller picture and application.

It goes without saying, that for the Christian, God is the greatest reason and meaning for life. However, there are many other lesser, yet legitimate meanings for life, and we shall explore some of those together as part of our studies. We are neither accidental nor inconsequential; our lives have divinely designed purpose. Of all life’s activities and relationships, marriage carries the greatest human ability to supply meaning which in turn provides the greatest human security with the associated assurances.

As we consider Marriage by God’s design, we shall primarily focus on what God has to say regarding this highest of human relationships. Consequently, we shall be on the lookout for biblical truths (absolute statements) and principles (behavioural  instructions) that build the marriage relationship upon and around what God tells us through His Word, the Bible.

That being said; there’s an emphasis which permeates this course; it’s preventative thinking rather than remedial. It’s our desire to spare marriages from many of the pains suffered because of unwise attitudes and behaviours.

Marriage, like many relationships, is a living and dynamic union of two lives that requires attention to detail in order to feed, nurture, and develop itself. Like any relationship, if the core marriage relationship is neglected, it doesn’t take long for the beauty of it to lose its appeal and the depreciation process begins.

While Scripture has much to say about marriage, it also has many general instructions for Christian living which also applies to the marriage relationship. Biblical truths and principles give guidance, hope and stability, especially during times of difficulty and emotional upheaval when all else seems to have failed.